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Comfort Sessions with Katelena Hernandez: a part of the M PATH group exhibit (CE)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Joann Cole Mitte Gallery 1

Austin based performance and installation artist, Katelena Hernandez, brings her Comfort Sessions project to The University Galleries as part of a group exhibition titled M PATH. Comfort Sessions is a performance and installation that continues the artist’s focus on the concept of comfort: how it is created, how it is perceived, and the complexities of the politics of how it is shared among people who know one another and between strangers. The work seeks to explore and mitigate the dichotomy of awkwardness and intimacy.

In this variation of Comfort Sessions, a project based on comforting through the singing of lullabies, Hernandez wears a dress made from 100 yards of red polyester fleece, bound into bundles with ribbon surrounded by a “nest” formation comprised of 180 pillows on which participating viewers rest. Choosing from a personal collection of over 180 lullabies from many ethnic and musical traditions, Hernandez sings lullabies and comforts participants for up to three hours at a time, covering and comforting listeners with the bundled fleece during the performance.

Mary Mikel Stump
Common Experience
Visual Arts
Faculty, General Interest, Staff, Undergraduate Students
Comfort Sessions with Katelena Hernandez: a part of the M PATH group exhibit (CE)