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Laurie Frick- Pattern Language lecture

Tuesday, January 21, 2014 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
Joann Cole Mitte Room 2121

Laurie Frick will lecture about her Pattern Language exhibit

The practice of translating the data of daily living and observation is the framework for the works in Pattern Language. Artists Laurie Frick [Austin] and James Sterling Pitt [San Francisco] both work within a concept of visual languages that straddles neuroscience, data, and art, while also residing in the place of visually stunning aesthetics.

Laurie Frick constructs intricately hand-built works and installations to investigate the nature of pattern and the mind. While Frick’s work relates to personal data collection and observation made over time, James Sterling Pitt uses pattern as a means of personal communication and tool for making sense of his world. As a result of a brain injury in 2007, Pitt began to use his art practice in order to understand his changed perception of the world; Pitt’s drawings have acted as a visual diary since an accident left him struggling with short-term memory loss and everyday tasks. Pitt's works serve to archive his memories in a chronological, visual manner. Says gallerist, Eli Ridgway, of the work, “Pitt's subconscious explorations aim to bridge notions of reminiscence with the present and future by way of tangible markers of a time and place. When installed together, the work not only becomes a map of personal identity, but invites pause and careful examination of one's own intimate recollections.”

With an MFA from the New York Studio School and an MBA from the University of Southern California, Laurie Frick’s work represents both the poetic and the analytic nature of life. She was recently was awarded residencies by the Neuroscience Research Center University of Texas, the Headlands, Yaddo as well as the prestigious Bemis Center for the Contemporary Arts. Her lectures and publications include The Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times, New Scientist, NPR Arts Eclectic and in 2013 a TED talk at TEDxAustin. Frick’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums such as Oklahoma Contemporary, Real Art Ways, and Marfa Contemporary, and Robert Steele Gallery in New York City.

James Sterling Pitt holds degrees from the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque and Mills College. He has been exhibited at SF Parklife, Headlands Center for the Arts, Sight School, The Lab, Richard Levy Gallery (New Mexico), Gallerie Axel Obiger (Berlin) and San Jose Museum of Art. He has been the recipient of the Vera Noland Award, Trefethen Merit Award, the Djerassi Foundation Artist Recidency, and the Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, California.

This exhibition brings these two talented artists who use pattern as a means of communication, either observational or personal, and is comprised of Frick’s sculptural installation and Pitt’s sculptures, drawings and paintings resulting in a gallery filled with art that reads as pattern language. Laurie Frick’s work appears courtesy of the artist and James Sterling Pitt’s work appears courtesy of Ridgway Gallery in San Francisco, California.

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Laurie Frick- Pattern Language lecture